A Walk On Grace Ocean

by Tres Carter

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Is that you Lord?
I gotta know it's You Lord.

Before you hit the womb boy
All about you, I knew boy
Before the first crescent moon
I had plans for you boy.
Every step was predestined,
You called it wild’n out, I call it teaching lessons.
By the hand that holds the world, you’re picked.
So, who better to trust your life with?"
Love turned me on like a light switch
Word pierced a cold heart, Jesus a ice pick
To Him I submit, then my whole life switched
New click of dogs, we ain't worried bout no Mike Vick’s
So now when midnight hits the hip
Tell him I’m noon, and we don’t have fellowship

Bid me to come, I'll dance with you.

Word say it’s a narrow way,
Forced me to leave behind Broad Street ruckus.
What’s imperious on narrow way?
Balance like Gabriel Douglas
I started out struggling..
Tryna impose the cross in each & every discussion
I, was so zealous, tryna convey He loves them
But to those I’m convey it, Do I love them?
Yes. Then I gotta be patient,
Which only comes by tribulation. Had to face it.
Get purged. I remember days when,
I would turn my mommas living room into a Days Inn
Motel 6 in the basement
You see this transformation, that’s my persuasion!


This walk it's a bed of roses
From a bird’s eye, beautiful, but get into the thick of it,
Constantly getting pricked; I'd love to say I told ya,
So. But the Blood‘s still flowing
Light still exposing, gotta stay focused
Can't have a stale notion, scroll stay open
Gotta stay eatin', can’t grow by osmosis
Wake up Columbus, Romans 5 like Foldgers
“Free My people. Tres, trace Moses.
Heartbeat of life; as your hand composes,
Remember what I told ya. Don’t fear who opposes!
I will never leave you, not even for a moment!”
Yeah. Well ok, I’m goin' in
Off the high dive of faith, into Grace Ocean. Keep me afloat.



released December 14, 2012
Produced by NuVintage
Recorded and mixed at The Flutter in Columbus, OH


all rights reserved