Dance Like Carlton

from by Tres Carter



Tres Carter – “Dance Like Carlton”

Yo, we in here boy, hahahaha, let’s go

You can either go and do your dance like Carlton
Or bob to this cat like I'm live in Charlotte

Revival, San Diego Chargin'
Superman came but they only saw Clark Kent
Life throws spears, I feel like a prime target
Shield of faith up, while I duck, no Darkwing

On these beats I go deep, Steve Largent
Catch me if you can, Frank Abagnale's carbon
Team full of iron, keeping me sharpened
Eye on the foe wearing the same garment

Please don’t feed me Christ-like jargon
DJ Unk faith, out you should walk it
Reap what you sow, bka karma
Tryna have clean fruit come from my garden

Produce gems but him no garnet
Mind still blown from when Chris Gray charted
A family guy, no Seth MacFarlene
My home's not here, to the world I'm a Martian
Fresh hair cut under that Polo boggin
Rap in a bow tie, present to the market
My goal ain’t to be Hip Hop's top artist
I just grab a canvas and commit arson

Glory to God, who paid for my pardons
Gave me killer skill, leave a CD carcass
A Christian who raps or whatever you call it
Without mainstream I'll be doing this regardless

Judge my fruit not what's in my wallet
No amount of dollars raise men out of coffins
Every other minute more soul's getting auctioned
Price Christ paid way more than a bargain

“Streetz the Beast” missin’ check the milk carton
Went down in that water came up free willy dolphin
Not enough grinding and too much talking
Now Christians getting walked over like carpet

Not no more, got word from the Sergeant
Calling all soldiers, time to go to war it’s
Going down daily, like I’m tryna save Carson
Hear me clear freedom has margins

Heart's not flawless, please be cautious
Christ runs this and all you do is go joggin’
In worship, you be too cool like fall is
Ima give Him glory even if I have to crawl in

Awh man, love deep fo' me I dun falled in
Love my saints I ain’t talking New Orleans
His return's what we waiting forrrr, golfing
Room for you to make it be the reason He stallin’

City full of harlots, clothed in scarlet
All need sexual healing, no Marvin
Glory of God, I'll remind you that all men
Coming up short like 40 inch tall men
There is none on top of Him like bald men
Died to save all men, now rules all men
Jesus what they call him, 2 options not at all or all in

Bound us, what the law did
Found us, I do my dance like Carlton
I do my dance like Carlton
Bob to this cat like I’m rappin in charlotte


from Tres Will Survive, released December 16, 2014
​"Dance Like Carlton" - vocals by Tres Carter; produced by Papamitrou Music; mixed by Elvin "Wit" Shahbazian


all rights reserved