East Side Girl

by Tres Carter

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What about the shawty on the east side
Beautiful on the outside
But self esteem on the south side
"Mirror mirror on the wall, I'm the best right?"

Flashhh, that iPhone sixty six times
Gotta find the right pic for my Twit guys
Attent-i-on is essent-i-a-l
Loreal on my eyes

Copious cleavage, follower count climbs
Enough options, now I can decline
Hit the club up, skip lines
No bread, I know he's buying

Whoever he is, Rose's what I
Wanna drink tonight, it get me feeling right
Right, a whole bottle gone and I
Get a text from moms, "Are you coming home," but I

Ignore, cause homeboy kinda fly
Open door, alright, shotgun I ride
Hand on my thigh, not to my surprise
Just like them other guys, but I wont fall tonight

Watch, reads 3:05
Living room couch, he says "unwind"
As his fingers fondle my spine
Hennessy he offers but he combined it

With a pill I didn't see, because I'm blinded
By when he told me he loves me, I
Ain't heard that too many times
Guard down, we recline

Plan work just like he designed
Grabbed my purse, didn't open door to the Nissan
"Is this all I'm worth," my heart cries
This must be life, this what daddy did to my

Mom, who faithfully baby sits my
Junior, who's 1; 6, I
Pull up to my crib, weak kiss, dips quick, I
Take a shower, hit my room, reminisce like

Dang, it happened again, I
Sprint to the bathroom, hurling through my lips, why
Did I fall again? This makes me sick, I'm
Not so quick to televise

To the public, all they do is criticize
No appetite, my first response got double lines
Another 9, 2 boys, 2 guys
Not a check in sight, I'm still dropping fries

Tears roll down my eyes
"Will I ever feel what love is like?"
Someone to care for me, hold me tight
Always there for me, tuck me in at night

Pride, says I don't need it but I know I do
I long for the day I say, "I do"
Friend popped in Rap Will Survive
Heard 'em say "it can be love without God"

Song stuck in my mind
And I'm like, what the heck everything else I dun tried
So Sunday, I rise
With expectation, destination

Congregation, dissertation
Spoke to my situation
In-depth explanation
Fatherless homes, spiritual genocide of the nation

But there's a Father, of all creation
Who's a father to the fatherless, jubilation
And I been waiting, for a man to come save me
But man did, 2 thou years ago, thinking

Of me specifically, oh the epiphany
He can mend my heart and clean the sin in me
He can make me whole, be my security
Give me a new life, one of maturity

One of prosperity, I'm in adoration
Got baptized, new creation
Start the celebration, no satirization
Just love and restoration



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