Return of The Gentleman ft. Taelor Gray & Christon Gray

from by Tres Carter



Tres Carter featuring Taelor Gray & Christon Gray – “Return of the Gentleman”

*clears throat* Ladies & gentlemen, we are not starting anything, we bringing it back. Let’s go!

(hook) x2
Chivalry ain’t dead nah, don’t believe the lie
It's the return of the gentleman, treatin’ women like the queens they are

(verse 1 – Tres Carter)
We open up doors round here

Help take off her Dior round here, hang it up

Then we pullin’ out chairs round here

Ladies don't settle for less, make ya man step it up

If he can’t download that you should upgrade

You don’t need a mac that can only play games

Little boys cuffin’ many toys to the bed frame

but a real man please one woman for decades

Type of man you aint seen in a while

No traffic on the extra mile

So we take that, show appreciation

Not waiting for special occasions

(hook) x2

(verse 2 – Taelor Gray)
This a crash course, your own cram session

Grown man lesson, 'for you ask
For you pass gotta see her as she is

Then embellish opportunity don’t leave her how she is

I stay away from clichés; get her off that stripper pole

808's and freeze frames, look at what that picture holds

These daughters of the King man, she ain’t just a screen saver

Voluntary servitude, you treat her like your dream lady

I’m shaking hands with your pops, this your momma, how you doing?
Nah, I ain’t tryna hide, Ima show you how I do it

Then I take you out to dinner and I'm paying for the table

Then I’m giving you the chance just to study my behavior, yup

(hook) x2

(verse 3 – Christon Gray)
Mrs. Amazing, if this was meant to be, then it is and we don't know it yet

So I'll be slow step striding lookin’ fly in my soldier vest

You been waitin’ in line in the coldest dress
But I ain't here to take you nowhere you don't wanna go gir
I ain't tryna getchu in the bed and make ya toes curl

Keep ya clothes on, love waits, never hurry, set a date
Never worry, won't be late, if I said 8 it's 7:30, uh
Darling, after all the dining and listening and gazing, the time must come
When I see the I misses misbehaving, but I won't run

Cause this where I belong and the long run
It's meant for pacing, Mrs. Amazing, meant to be

(Tres Carter)
Mr. Gentleman, stand up
If you with me put your hands up
Mr. Gentleman, stand up
Ladies, if you with me put your hands up


from Tres Will Survive, released December 16, 2014
"Return of The Gentleman" - vocals by Tres Carter, Taelor Gray, Christon Gray; produced by Jimmy Dukez; mixed by Elvin "Wit" Shahbazian


all rights reserved